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Email Isn’t Dead Yet. But It Is If You Don’t Use These:

Email Isn’t Dead Yet. But It Is If You Don’t Use These:

Email marketing is a great tool if it’s used the right way. Besides generating new business, it’s also a great tool for creating repeat business or keeping in touch with people that have expressed interest. The last thing you want to is come off pushy, or worse, boring.

1) Use Gifs

If you’re speaking to a CEO of a large company and looking for a job, it’s probably not best not to use gifs. If you’re looking to capture attention and humanize your emails, you get the green light. It’s incredibly easy to drag and drop any gif you want from giphy into your emails. Type in whatever you think will resinate with your target demo. “Puppies” usually doesn’t disappoint. You can even scrap “sincerely” at the bottom of your email and replace it with this:

jimmy fallon thank you GIF

Some people are a little reluctant to use this approach and I can see why. Some think that it can make prospects view you as “unprofessional.” I don’t think using a light hearted and funny moving picture can really sway people into not trusting you as a professional. Across the board with dozens of marketers using gifs in emails, the positive outweighs the negative by a long shot.

2) Offer something and ask for nothing in return

This is a tough one because you need to have something to give. Free cash always works well but it’s on the bottom of my list of things I’m willing to do.

It’s important to be creative here and really double down on what you do best. I’m a blog and vlog guy, so I’ll put my blogs in my marketing emails and point people to something (hopefully) useful. Maybe you came from one of me emails. It worked! You may be someone who is constantly scouring the internet for information about your profession. You may just be someone who watches funny videos. If it has something to do with your vertical, don’t be afraid to share it! If it makes you laugh, it’ll make others laugh as well.

This leads into a sub point. Use content that’s already been made if you aren’t great at creating content. It’s hard and time consuming so take some low hanging fruit and share it on your pages. Of course, don’t use content created by direct competitors.

3) Timing and saturation

The rule of thumb is that you have 4 seconds to convince someone to read the email, or dig into one of your videos. You can’t overwhelm them with a full scrolling page with ten articles, 5 videos, 7 interviews and more. Keep it simple with some focal points. I usually run with one video or gif, a max of 3 paragraphs (which I keep to 3 sentences a piece) and a quick ask or offer.

Timing is important with your drips as well. If someone has shown high interest in your business, like submitted a quote request or a request for a phone call, that’s when you can be as frequent as every day. But I can’t tell you how often I unsubscribe to annoying emails that I get weekly. Sure, those companies probably see some success from that frequency but they also lose a ton of passive prospects. Understand who your target is, if they’ve shown interest, and adjust the timing of your drips accordingly.

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