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Social Media DOES Produce Sales

Social Media DOES Produce Sales

I’ve talked to to countless business owners in my young career and none of them are exactly the same. Their business reflects their beliefs, thoughts, habits and goals. Everyone thinks differently about the effectiveness of “the internet” and social media.

The one premise I will never agree with is “the internet doesn’t result in sales for me.”  I’m obviously biased in this realm because I see owners all the time who want immediate leads for cash. I completely understand that, but there is no magic to marketing. If there was, everyone would own their own business have a few million dollars in the bank. So when referrals and your paid placements on Yelp dry up, it’s time to start building your own marketing machine brick by brick.

There’s different areas of marketing where you can sink your money into, some more risky than others. To use a straight forward example, how about that billboard you pass on the highway on your way home? You would probably ask obvious questions like “how many people drive by this?” and things of that nature. The amount of people that will take action and call you has estimated numbers, but is up to luck.

Now take that luck increase your chances. How about we take that billboard and we only allow people in your radius that are between ages of 30-70 to see the ad, who have shown interest in remodeling? Or how about we campaign for SEO, which is putting your website on Google’s top pages for people who search for “remodeling companies” in your town?

It’s okay to grow your business organically and try to build off of referrals. But not taking advantage of the internet where most of your prospects live will hurt you and make it much easier for your competition.

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