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What The $&^# Is “SEO?”

What The $&^# Is “SEO?”

Search engine optimization (SEO) is really confusing to most clients I speak with. There are opinions flying all over the place and it’s hard to grasp the big picture. Explanations that are pages long and very granular make it hard to understand.

The one piece you should always understand is Google has the consumer’s best interest in mind. Whenever someone searches for a local product or service, Google wants them to get the best websites so they continue to use the search engine. It’s why they’ve been the leaders for so long!

With that in mind, understand that you need a great website and you need to create relationships and interact. This is the healthy way to build a long term optimized website for your company. Once you can start to build something (and not “manipulate the SEO system”) is when you really start to build traction with ratings and search engine optimization.

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