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Marketing’s Dirty Phrase

Marketing’s Dirty Phrase

The word “perceived” just sounds dirty to me. It’s a common phrase in the marketing world: “perceived value.” It’s the practice of adding some things to your offer to make it seem like it’s worth the price. Think of adding e-books, videos, white papers, software, etc. But if you were adding actual value to the offer, wouldn’t it just be called “value?”

That’s my thinking. Bendaygo provides a kick ass service for half the price of other agencies. Shouldn’t that be a mind blowing selling point?

It’s not. In fact, people want to be wow’d. During the selling process, we’re told to attack paint points and because a consultative selling machine. Understand the customer better and you’ll sell more. It tells you quite a bit about the human persona. The art of sales is still alive and well.

So companies will buy content from other sources. Cookie cutter stuff that is dressed up and white labeled nicely. It takes care of business. Curious about how the future will expose authenticity.

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